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  • After searching nearly 10’s of dozens of posts trying to learn about what is needed to start a successful blog, here it is, a getting-to-know-me post filled with random tidbits and other nonsense. Let’s pretend I did this first.


Proceed if you dare….

  • Please tell us, when you were born?

-It was a year unlike any other. Sting and The Police made stalking poetically melodic, and McDonald’s released the Chicken McNugget.

  • What’s your full name and are you proud of it?

– J. Eve Kotter. It’s mine, so of course.

  • Are you named after someone, if yes then after whom?

– Yes, I am. I am named after an aunt and a license plate.

  • Where are you from?

– Transplant Kentuckian by way of Illinois.

  • Which one is better, Basketball or Baseball?

-Football. Football should have been an option.

  • Who is your favorite person in modern history?

– Steve Jobs was pretty cool.

  • Who is your favorite writer in modern history?

– Brene Brown

  • Who is your favorite musician from the 20th century?

– Tom Petty, Heart, Pat Benatar, Aerosmith, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pink Floyd, Prince, Eric Clapton, so many more, and Britney Spears emerged in the 90s, so she counts too 😂

  • Do you love animals, if yes then which one you love most?

– Yes, monkeys. All of them. Fond of all the primates, let me at em.

  • Do you have children? And how many?

– Yes, I have two. They’re tween and teen and still act like they know me in public. We’re doing well. Thank you.

  • If you have children, what’s their name?

– I call them Ladybug 🐞 and Monkey 🐵

  • What is your favorite drink of all?

– Water has done some pretty good things for me.

  • Do you have a favorite basketball player?

– No, I do not.

  • What is your greatest achievement in high school?

– Staying alive.

  • DO you want to have a business?

– Of course, I DO.

  • Which business you want to have and why?

– Hustle quietly. That’s personal….for now.

  • What is your most favorite scene from movies?

– The one where Brenden sings Por Ti Volare at the F****** Catalina Wine Mixer 😂

*Step Brothers, 2008*

  • If you love snakes, which one is your favorite?

– I’m no expert, but I am too aware of Freud to answer this.

  • Do you love music? Which genre is your favorite?

– Depends on my mood. A lot is missed if you commit to music choice by tag alone. I am always up for Blue October (alt. rock) though 😋

  • How tall are you? Have you dreamed of being even taller?

– 5’9″. I can reach all the stuff, so I’m good. If I could get taller instead of losing weight, that would be awesome though.

  • What is your favorite number and please tell us, why?

– I don’t have a favorite number, because that’s not something I’ve considered.

  • Have you ever been on any bridge? Do you like bridges?

– Yes, I have crossed bodies of water of various size. I like that they serve a purpose.

  • Do you have fear of anything? If it’s not secret, please tell us what you fear the most?

– I fear to bite into undercooked meat or pasta 🤢

  • Where are you working right now?

– I’m my office. Location is undisclosed.

  • Have you ever dreamed of being a successful lawyer?

– No, I prefer to argue without an official record.

  • Where do you want to travel?

-Ireland. End of story.

  • How do you describe yourself?

– READ: About Eve

  • Can you describe yourself in just 3 words?

– Determined, Gritty, Succeeding

  • What are the most powerful 3 words that changed your life?

– A new normal.

  • Who you admire the most, mother or father?

– Pardon me, That’s a shi**y question.

  • Do you have siblings? How many?

– Yes. One.

  • How many books do you read during summer vacations?

– I’ve been back in college since 2013. I don’t have a summer vacation 😂

  • Are you technology lover, if not, why?

– I am a technology user. I don’t have strong feelings about it.

  • What do you prefer, Windows or Mac?


  • Which brand is your favorite, Apple or Samsung?


  • Who is the most valuable person in Tech world, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

– Both men and companies have made admirable achievements.

  • Who is your favorite male Youtuber?

– My son. And that guy that makes the Sylvester the talking cat videos. The King of Random is pretty cool too.

  • Who is your favorite female YouTuber?

– I can’t think of one.

  • How do you feel right now?

– Little tired.

  • Can you remember the first time you felt angry?

– I’m sure I was a baby. No, I cannot.

  • Can you remember the first time laughed?

– Again, babies do this. No.

  • Who is your favorite comedy movies actor?

– Will Ferrell

  • Who is your favorite stand-up Comedian and why?

– George Carlin. Smart, hilarious, and unhindered by social norm.

  • Which Home Alone movie is your favorite?

– The correct answer is the first one.

  • What was the reason you cried the last time?


  • Do you know where your career will be in 10 years?

– No, I’m here for the experience.

  • Do you love your work and is this your dream work?

– I really do and yes it is.

  • What is your favorite moment from childhood?

– Being in my grandma’s yard. Road Trip to Pittsburgh.

  • Do you have pets, Cat or dog?

– 1 Cat, 2 dogs, 2 sugar gliders, and the aforementioned children 😋

  • Do you love fishing, if yes then why?

– Yes, because I said so.

  • What Is your favorite Burger and why?

– McDonald’s cheeseburger, onions only, and ranch. (Hush)

  • Which one you prefer, Coke or Pepsi?

– Regular Coke, Diet Pepsi

  • Which ocean is your favorite and why?

– I could choose the Atlantic because it’s the only one I’ve visited, but that’s unfair given the existence of alternative oceans not being considered based only on my lack of exposure.

  • Which one is your favorite, Barack Obama or George Bush?

– With zero political influence, Bush is adorable and I love listening to Obama speak.

  • Which candidate was your favorite during the latest US Presidential elections?

– The one that wasn’t a misogynist.


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