Friday night, a closet full of paint and canvas, and a desire to create. The house is quiet and the weekend requires very little of me. Diving into self care includes dirty fingernails, hair in a knot, and glasses on.

I love intricate works of art. Creations from an astute perspective. I appreciate those things from other people. My patience runs thin and if I am unable to finish a (craft) project in a fairly short amount of time, I am unlikely to stay focused. Abstracts are fun. I think it gives the viewer the ability to creatively finish a piece of work on their own, so each interpretation is unique.

The inspiration is personal. The drive is a desire to see myself reflected in work. While most, if not all, are a great deal dissimilar from myself, I am inspired and pleased by art that reflects what I experience every day.

As a supporter of body positivity and a widespread acceptance of comfort in what the body is capable of, I enjoy sketching, painting, crafting, writing, and the like. I am not an artist by trade, but we are all capable of something beautiful. The first piece featured below is a 10 minute sketch followed by acrylic on canvas at about a two hour completion time. Enjoy!

Pencil Sketch
Phase one: Just put color to canvas….
Can you see the Minecraft Game Board down there? 🙂
I love her in color……
But She’s a Stunning monochrome…


16×20 Acrylic on Canvas

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