Dress Your Pets

Do you dress your pets?

I do! Pets come with an array of personality traits and while some love getting dressed up and flaunting their style, some are prone to the preference of living their sweet, fluffy lives the way nature provided.

Instagram. Sandy enjoying the February in Kentucky sunshine.

Thanks to a message from Paw Clothes, my favorite four legged cutie was invited to model their available fashion. Check out the beauty that inspired this collaboration. Use code: KOTTEREVE25 for a 25% discount on your new favorite pet clothes!

The Models.

Sandy is the inspiration that started it all. She is a full figured beauty in the doggy fashion industry and must be treated with the respect a woman of her stature deserves. She is a 10 (ish) year old beagle mix rescue. Her gentle yet protective nature makes her a perfect fit in our family. When she’s excited her entire body “wags” and while she’s pretty low to the ground, she’s never short on affection.

Gypsy, a lively two year old Boxer, German Shepherd mix isn’t playing dress up for this post, but she’s a hundred pounds of pooch worth a mention. Her tail may feel like a whack from a bat, but she’s full of energy and is never opposed to a good nap.

Don’t let the senior discount fool you, Annabelle has all of the personality and no time for your sass. She’s queen of her castle and a special thanks to my friend for letting me borrow her for this project.

Cadbury, a one year old rabbit. Do you think we weren’t going to play with the cute bunny? Seriously. Also, he wants you to know, he has strong opinions and a desire to be left alone. Happy (almost) birthday, Cadbury!

Paw Clothes

I must commend the folks at Paw Clothes for making this an easy and enjoyable experience. Each item is accompanied by measurements to make dressing your pet simple. The items that I purchased turned out to be better suited for a smaller four legged pal than those who live at the Kotter household, but nonetheless, the show must go on! Each of the items featured below is accompanied by a link to the site listing.

Don’t forget to use code: KOTTEREVE25 for a 25% discount on your new Paw Clothes!

Non- Slip Puppy Socks
Non-Slip Puppy Socks (Take 2)
PawClothes Designer Set- Captain BowTie
PawClothes Designer Set- Pink Bandana
PawClothes Designer Set- Captain Bowtie
Summer Walk Cap
(PS This dog didn’t dig wearing a hat- photo shoot cut short)

The Amazon Purchase Section

Last, but not least, I purchased “Adidog” gear from Amazon. In their defense I did not compare the measurements to Sandy and Gypsy and assumed an XL and 2X would suffice. The XL can be seen below, featured on Annabelle. A cutie either way, with a new wardrobe.

The link below connects to a listing featuring this sweater up to size 9x!

Annabelle is featured in an XL Sweater from Amazon!

And Finally, a “goodbye” from Annabelle

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