Laying Low….Not Disappeared

As the Spring 2019 semester draws to a close, the life of a doctoral student in her mid thirties with two children, multiple pets, and a strong desire to stay sane, has become a tad hectic. It is all welcome as each responsibility and hurdle leads to an opportunity to grow and to help others.

Coming up in the next few weeks I am looking forward to sharing reviews of some blogs and bloggers that I get to interact with. The new Ipsy Glam Bag should be in soon and I have lots to share on personal growth, mental health and such.

Keep reading. Keep sharing. Keep asking questions. 🙂

Take Care of Yourself!

<3 Eve

Eve is a mom, student, daughter, sister, blogger, doer, thinker, and more. Any and all blog content should be viewed as opinion and any sources should be verified prior to using any of these words in that particular order to form your own (opinions). For more, visit: Happy Kotter: Disclaimer. Have a great day!


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