How to Save: Diapers @ CVS

Week of 11/17-11/23

I don’t have babies anymore, but I remember buying diapers constantly! There are just a couple of stores that I try to maximize savings at regularly, and CVS is one of them. Learning the method is best, so here’s one way to save big this week.

Follow the steps:

  1. Check your local ad.
  2. Check your digital/print savings.
  3. Make a plan.

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Babies are expensive little bundles of pure joy. Unless you are committed to a cloth diaper lifestyle, I bet you are spending a pretty penny keeping that tush clean and dry. And why not? Each and every ray of sunshine deserves the best.

*Bonus Tip* When my littles were little, I routinely checked manufacture sites on packaging (diapers, formula, etc.) Surprisingly, several “off brand” alternatives are manufactured in the same place as the more expensive brand-name counterparts.

CVS happens to be one of my favorite stores to shop. While the sticker may be a little shocking, if you get savvy with the available savings and loyalty program, you are going to save major $$.

Deal breakdown: DIAPERS

1- Check your ad

  • Look for print ads available in the store and in the Sunday paper. The Sunday paper is a great place to find weekly ads and print coupons πŸ˜‰
  • Check online for the weekly ad. TIP: You can preview the next weeks ad starting on Thursdays.
  • Download the CVS app (pics below). Convenience: you can check the ad, track ExtraBucks rewards, browse coupons and store specific deals, manage your pharmacy account, and more.

2- Check the digital coupons/store coupons/Savings Center

  • Make sure you register for an account FIRST. This is FREE to you and gives you access to additional savings. This is also how your rewards will be credited, so sign up first.
  • You can view available digital coupons/rewards/and store savings through the “Deals and Rewards” tap in the app.
  • Match available offers with products. You can “stack” a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. Manufacturer coupons are specific about the number of items applicable. While you cannot use two manufacturer coupons on one item, you CAN use multiple coupons for multiple items. Check coupon requirements for limits/details. Failure to follow the guidelines is fraud and fraud is bad πŸ™‚

3- Make your plan.

Having a plan keeps you on track. Keep your list with you. I am guilty of making my list and leaving it at home. Keep notes on your phone, take a pic of your list, or keep it in your purse when you’re done. Your plan saves you money.


The CVS ad displays a deal for diapers. The sale reduces the price of specific packages to 2 for $20 as opposed to $11.29 individually.

The sale alone reduces the retail price from $22.58 to $20.00. You’re already saving $2.58 or 11.4%.

Additionally, when you spend $20 on the specified products, you receive $5 ExtraBucks (EB). EB’s are as good as cash in the store and can be applied to future purchases for items from CVS (excluding things like tobacco and alcohol/ check policy for specifics)

Let’s break this down another step.

Retail: $11.29 x 2= $22.58

Sale: 2 for $20 + ($5) ExtraBucks

Net Expense: $20-$5= $15 (You’ve reduced the price combining the sale and EB by more than $7!!) Not done yet…..

2- Check for coupons/savings.

The products that qualify for the 2/$20 and $5 EB include Huggies and Pampers products. Scan your coupons for matching offers.

  • The first app only coupon is a CVS store offer. This can be combined with a manufacturer coupon.
  • There are 3 additional coupons for diapers, with the highest value being pampers.
  • Pampers for the win!
  • Find your product….. There is an added bonus to the app coupons. Once you have selected an offer, click “shop this deal” and the app will pull up all products that match the coupon.

For the purpose of creating an example, I am choosing Pamper’s “baby dry” size 3, 32 count. (The specifics change with size. The brand is the focus)

NOTE: The store listing/buy it online option will not reflect the sale until that ad is in effect. This item will reduce to $11.29 or 2/$20 for the week 11/17-11/23.

You can also see applicable coupons. If they are not already saved to your card, you can do that here.

Let’s so some math so far.

$11.29 for 32 size 3 diapers. ($11.29/32= $0.35 per diaper at retail)

You are buying 2 packs to maximize savings: apply all deals.

2 for $20 + $5 EB after spending $20 on select products + 2 coupons ($4.50)

$20- $4.50 digital coupons= $15.50 cash + $5 EB for next purchase =

$10.50 Net Cost (That’s a Savings of $22.58-$10.50= $12.08 or 53.5%)

DIAPERS: You are getting 64, size 3 Pampers baby dry diapers for $10.50 for more than half off!

It doesn’t stop there. Ibotta has some great diaper rebates now. Pampers is not listed specifically, but Huggies is. Additionally, you can receive a rebate of $0.25 on any diaper product. Upload your receipt to Ibotta and get an extra $0.25 savings.

Final tally: $10.50 + $0.25 Ibotta rebate = $10.25 Net expense (Before Tax)

Total Savings: $22.58- $10.25= $12.33 or 55%

Starting cost: $0.35 per diaper /Ending Cost: $0.16 per diaper πŸ™‚

You can run this same scenario on Huggies brand qualifying diapers for a higher out of pocket expense at the register and bigger rebate after the sale. Note that the higher value rebates are for larger packages and may not work interchangeably with the sale/coupons/rebates.

Quick Comparison: Pampers baby dry, size 3, 32 count x 2 at Walmart

At first glance, a per package price tag of $8.97 is appealing. BUT

$8.97 x 2= $17.94 or $0.28 each diaper.

You can still qualify for the Ibotta $0.25 any diapers rebate. For a net expense of $17.69 or $0.28 each.

Utilizing your CVS savings, you will purchase the EXACT SAME PRODUCTS for $17.69- $10.25= $7.44 less.

Let’s say you score the same type of deal twice a month for a year.

(Save) $7.44 x 24= $178.56 Saved annually.

Ibotta! If you do not know Ibotta, let me introduce you……

See the pretty pink IB square in the lower left there? Get this! Ibotta offers real (CASH) rebates on items that you buy! There is always a variety to choose from and you are not forced to compromise quality for savings. This is separate from the manufacturer and store coupons and discounts that you are already using. Best of all? It is FREE to use! You pay nothing extra for the service. Get your money πŸ™‚

Want to make both of us happy? Use my referral code and make $$ for both of us! (This is a phone app, Ibotta does not work for computer (online) shopping.

Eve’s Referral code: cgjdvap

Ibotta $$ can be redeemed once you accumulate $20 in rebates/savings/bonuses.

You can withdraw to PayPal and gift cards a plenty πŸ™‚

I have withdrawn savings to cover gas costs for family vacation and most recently for an early family Christmas gift <3 (I will share more about that later!) Again, Ibotta is FREE for you to use!

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