*2 days left* Free Tide ❤️ 12/23

Do you love Tide? Just a little creativity and it can be yours for FREE! This is an easy product to maximize savings and I often run across this for a minimal Out of Pocket (OOP) cost. Unfortunately, we are a house full of people that cannot use it, so it goes into gift/donations. Whether you are interested in this for that purpose OR you can use it in your home, this is a great time to buy.

Couple a print coupon with the current Tide Pods IBoTTa offer and a 16 ct Tide Pods is yours for -$0.06! (Before any applicable tax)

Here’s How…..(1,2,3)

1) Download Ibotta (you’ll be glad you did!) Show us both some ❤️ and use my referral link.

P.S. any referral bonuses you or I receive do not cost you anything!


If you sign up without the link, make sure to enter code CGJDVAP when prompted 😘

There is some more information about Ibotta here: https://happykotter.com/2019/11/17/saving-on-saturdays/

Once you’re in…. go to Wal-Mart (in store) and add the Tide Pods Offer to your list. Done ✅


2) Make sure to print a paper coupon before you go to the store.

http://www.pgeveryday.com has a $2/1 Tide pods coupon. Make sure you browse “printable coupons”

Here’s a link to make it easy. If the site requires, you may need to create an account to print (again totally FREE) Pic below for reference…

3) Head to Walmart 😁

Choose Tide Pods 16 count, $4.94

At checkout: make sure to use your $2/1 Tide Pods printed coupon.

$4.94-$2= $2.94

** Kentucky Tax (6%) will add $0.30 to your total

$2.94 + $0.30 (tax)= $3.24

Pay $3.24

Upload your receipt to Ibotta (you can scan the QR code on your printed receipt)

Receive $3.00 credit (as good as cash!)

Final price

Tide Pods, 16 count = ($0.06) + $0.30 *KY tax

Out of pocket (OOP) $0.24 *includes Kentucky tax 😁😁😁

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