Happy Kotter is on Youtube!

Happy Kotter has officially launched a Youtube channel!


This offers a brand new way to deliver content and interact with Happy Kotter. I am looking forward to creating more this way and making content creation a regular part of the adventure.

Have content ideas? I would love to hear them! The plan is to stick with . the theme “lifestyle, creativity, and education” The beauty part of that is that just about anything can fall into one of those categories.

Are you an old pro at content creation? I would love to hear your thoughts on programs and software that streamlines that process.

Check out the channel, watch some videos, and make sure to like and subscribe to stay in touch! Stay tuned for an overview of the products used in this video. And, keep in mind, these are opinions and experiences.

I hope you find something useful here. Take what you need, leave what you can,

Be well, xo Eve

Eve is a mom, student, daughter, sister, blogger, doer, thinker, and more. Any and all blog content should be viewed as opinion and any sources should be verified prior to using any of these words in that particular order to form your own (opinions). For more, visit: Happy Kotter: Disclaimer. Have a great day!


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