Trying *Kiss* False Eyelashes

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Have you tried any new beauty products? Or, products that have been around forever, but never made its way into your daily/weekly/monthly routine?

I love mascara and have always been happy with my own eyelashes. This was new for me! I have tried false eyelashes in the past and always hated them. The eyelashes either peeled off after a short time or felt like they were weighing my eyelids down. None of that makes me feel “pretty” or more confident.

It was time to give this beauty addition a try. I went to the drugstore and purchased two sets of KISS eyelashes. One set is a classic glue on and the other is magnetic. The eyeliner/adhesive is magnetized so the eyelashes just adhere to the liner instead of relying on glue.

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Links for the products I used in the video can be found below. I am excited to know your thoughts on false eyelashes or your experience with these products.

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Links to products if you want to try them for yourself!

Glue on eyelashes “faux mink”

Eyelash Adhesive (must be purchased separately) This one is comparable to the one I purchased at the drugstore:

Kiss Magnetic Eyelashes: (Comparable pack)

Alternatively: Complete Kit Available via Essy Naturals (Magnetic):

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