Box Opening: EBay Mystery Beauty Box

You can find anything online….anything! This box can from a seller on EBay with a price tag of $25 (USD). Watch the box reveal and product reviews now….

What are your guilty pleasure online purchases?

Mystery boxes are a relatively new find, but with a feel similar to opening presents on your birthday or the holidays and the appeal of subscription box services, personally crafted one of a kind mystery boxes are a gamble of fun!

The joy does not come without risk though. Buying from a seller means that you could receive anything…..ANYTHING. Opening videos are all over the internet and one in particular opened a $15 box containing a busted iPhone. I have not come across anything like that, but I know on the purchasing end that the box could be magnificent or equally ridiculous. It’s all in fun.

When you’re looking for a fun pick- me- up or a unique gift for giving, try out a mystery box! And Good Luck! ❤️

Enjoy the opening ..

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