The Pink Tax, Humor, and Saving Money

The Pink Tax, a little humor, and tips on saving your money!

Inspiration hit me to highlight how to save on period hygiene products after hearing about opposition to a bill in Tennessee that would include things like pads and tampons in tax free holiday sales.

You can read more about that, if you like.

It is possible to save money while things like the “pink tax” exist.

This week’s CVS trip:

Purchased 6 items (2 cvs brand tampons (18 ct), 2 U by Kotex pads (84 total), and 2 Yes TO Facial Care Products. I paid less than $1.50 (TAX ONLY) by the time I left the store by pairing sales, coupons, and Extrabucks Rewards.


Keep in mind, to save money, make a plan! Aiming to save a few dollars for convenience will end up costing you more $$ in the long run. ONLY purchase items that you are going to use. Spending money just because something is on sale will end with you storing a pile of items that will never be used.

Check out the newest Youtube vids for a dose of humor and an overview of the CVS period haul.


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I hope you find something useful here. Take what you need, leave what you can <3


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