Happy Kotter @ The Gym

Coming up for March 2020…..

Happy Kotter is partnering up for a book review. Since the theme is health and wellness, I wanted to start with sharing some of my own experiences and make the commitment to providing the most reliable information I can.

I have tried so many “fad” “yo-yo” diets in my lifetime. The key to success in living a healthy life is to adapt to an overall lifestyle change.

I am looking forward to sharing this information and (new) book with you.

Let me know below if you would like to take part in the challenge with me! We will begin the week of March 23rd! Information and recipe advice included!

Enjoy the preview and Happy Kotter @ The Gym

Also, Happy Kotter on Facebook bypassed 250 “likes” this morning (3/2/20)!

Join me there for the next Happy Kotter giveaway starting Tuesday, 3/3/20!




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Happy Kotter hits 250 (Facebook) Giveaway!

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