Repurposed and Recycled Art: Sunflower Project

Sunflower Project

Repurposed and Recycled Art: Sunflower Project

Sharing is Caring….. 🙂

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The Story

During quarantine, I have found myself itching to visit art store, book stores, and flea markets. Thanks to online streaming, I can watch others play and embrace creativity over and over again, but I am feeling stifled, stuck.

There are plenty of things I can get into and I am grateful to have a safe, healthy home. I need to dive into a project now and then to stay centered. I decided that if I cannot plan a flea market trip or go to my favorite stores then I could “shop around home” and find something to repurpose.

It’s Mother’s Day and it’s Mental Health Awareness Month! Spent time outside with my favorite people

❤️ Taking care of my mental health by allowing myself to relax, taking inventory of all the things I’m grateful for, forgiving myself for the things I cannot control, letting go of what doesn’t help me grow, and focusing on beautiful things ❤️

Repurposed and Recycled Art

Enter the old metal aquarium stand. We no longer keep fish because we are proven to be incapable of keeping fish, so this stand sits in the yard near the shed gathering junk and serving no real purpose. A few paving stones and some paint and now I have a pretty, complimentary outdoor table.

Photos below are as follows

  • Project concept
  • Design practice 1 – decided against the Bob Ross inspired landscape, let it go, partially covered in white acrylic, now I kind of like it the way it is
  • Design practice (Sunflower) acrylic on canvas
  • Table Progress

The piece has been sealed with an outdoor strength sealant on the top as well as the bottom. Edges left unsealed to allow for moisture to escape.

I have not tried painting concrete, so this piece is a lovely outdoor addition as well as a bit of a science experiment.

Inspired by the sunflower canvas I completed before

“Naked Lady” can be found HERE.

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Be Well! Happy Mother’s Day and Mental Health Awareness Month.

Take Care of Yourselves 🙂

The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.

Sharing is Caring….. 🙂

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