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Always Eat After 7PM by Joel Marion. May/June 2020 

Influenster: Love Your Skin Voxbox March 2020

Influenster: Type A digital campaign May 2020

Influenster: CoverGirl Simply Ageless VoxBox May 2020

Influenster: Twisted Ranch VoxBox June 2020

BossBabes Ambassador/Collaboration: June 2020 

Eric Paskel: Finding Peace in Chaos July 2020


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Mrs. Kotter is a motivated and creative-minded professional with experience in the field of non-profit work, grant management, academic research, higher education instruction, and community leadership. Driven by a desire to help individuals reach their best self and create environments for learning and growth, Mrs. Kotter brings a unique skill set to writing in social, academic, and blog related content writing.
The world of academics has allowed Mrs. Kotter to support and facilitate the growth of bridges that connect students to their faculty, staff, and institution of higher learning. Achieving a sense of belonging creates a bond greater than in-class instruction. A great education is a sum of all its parts both inside and outside the classroom.
Happy Kotter (personal blog) began as a creative outlet for Eve (student, mom, wife, blogger, entrepreneur, and more). This is the place where content is created to uplift, inspire, inform, and entertain. The life of the elder-millenial gives HappyKotter the advantage of directing content to audiences across the Blog and social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, from the perspective of a parent, a companion, a student, the leader, the manager, and the never-ending learner.
Besides a dissertation focused on the relationship between personality factors and academic success, Mrs. Kotter in honing her skills in SEO literacy and integration, content creation, and marketing.

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