Get to know me tag! I have done some get to know me type questionnaires in the past, but this time I turned on the camera and made it for YouTube.

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Eve is a mom, student, daughter, sister, blogger, doer, thinker, and more. Any and all blog content should be viewed as opinion and any sources should be verified prior to using any of these words in that particular order to form your own (opinions). For more, visit: Happy Kotter: Disclaimer. Have a great day!


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Eve is a mom, student, daughter, sister, blogger, doer, thinker, and more. Any and all blog content should be viewed as opinion and any sources should be verified prior to using any of these words in that particular order to form your own (opinions). For more, visit: Happy Kotter: Disclaimer. Have a great day!

  • After searching nearly 10’s of dozens of posts trying to learn about what is needed to start a successful blog, here it is, a getting-to-know-me post filled with random tidbits and other nonsense. Let’s pretend I did this first.


Proceed if you dare….

  • Please tell us, when you were born?

-It was a year unlike any other. Sting and The Police made stalking poetically melodic, and McDonald’s released the Chicken McNugget.

  • What’s your full name and are you proud of it?

– J. Eve Kotter. It’s mine, so of course.

  • Are you named after someone, if yes then after whom?

– Yes, I am. I am named after an aunt and a license plate.

  • Where are you from?

– Transplant Kentuckian by way of Illinois.

  • Which one is better, Basketball or Baseball?

-Football. Football should have been an option.

  • Who is your favorite person in modern history?

– Steve Jobs was pretty cool.

  • Who is your favorite writer in modern history?

– Brene Brown

  • Who is your favorite musician from the 20th century?

– Tom Petty, Heart, Pat Benatar, Aerosmith, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pink Floyd, Prince, Eric Clapton, so many more, and Britney Spears emerged in the 90s, so she counts too 😂

  • Do you love animals, if yes then which one you love most?

– Yes, monkeys. All of them. Fond of all the primates, let me at em.

  • Do you have children? And how many?

– Yes, I have two. They’re tween and teen and still act like they know me in public. We’re doing well. Thank you.

  • If you have children, what’s their name?

– I call them Ladybug 🐞 and Monkey 🐵

  • What is your favorite drink of all?

– Water has done some pretty good things for me.

  • Do you have a favorite basketball player?

– No, I do not.

  • What is your greatest achievement in high school?

– Staying alive.

  • DO you want to have a business?

– Of course, I DO.

  • Which business you want to have and why?

– Hustle quietly. That’s personal….for now.

  • What is your most favorite scene from movies?

– The one where Brenden sings Por Ti Volare at the F****** Catalina Wine Mixer 😂

*Step Brothers, 2008*

  • If you love snakes, which one is your favorite?

– I’m no expert, but I am too aware of Freud to answer this.

  • Do you love music? Which genre is your favorite?

– Depends on my mood. A lot is missed if you commit to music choice by tag alone. I am always up for Blue October (alt. rock) though 😋

  • How tall are you? Have you dreamed of being even taller?

– 5’9″. I can reach all the stuff, so I’m good. If I could get taller instead of losing weight, that would be awesome though.

  • What is your favorite number and please tell us, why?

– I don’t have a favorite number, because that’s not something I’ve considered.

  • Have you ever been on any bridge? Do you like bridges?

– Yes, I have crossed bodies of water of various size. I like that they serve a purpose.

  • Do you have fear of anything? If it’s not secret, please tell us what you fear the most?

– I fear to bite into undercooked meat or pasta 🤢

  • Where are you working right now?

– I’m my office. Location is undisclosed.

  • Have you ever dreamed of being a successful lawyer?

– No, I prefer to argue without an official record.

  • Where do you want to travel?

-Ireland. End of story.

  • How do you describe yourself?

– READ: About Eve

  • Can you describe yourself in just 3 words?

– Determined, Gritty, Succeeding

  • What are the most powerful 3 words that changed your life?

– A new normal.

  • Who you admire the most, mother or father?

– Pardon me, That’s a shi**y question.

  • Do you have siblings? How many?

– Yes. One.

  • How many books do you read during summer vacations?

– I’ve been back in college since 2013. I don’t have a summer vacation 😂

  • Are you technology lover, if not, why?

– I am a technology user. I don’t have strong feelings about it.

  • What do you prefer, Windows or Mac?


  • Which brand is your favorite, Apple or Samsung?


  • Who is the most valuable person in Tech world, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

– Both men and companies have made admirable achievements.

  • Who is your favorite male Youtuber?

– My son. And that guy that makes the Sylvester the talking cat videos. The King of Random is pretty cool too.

  • Who is your favorite female YouTuber?

– I can’t think of one.

  • How do you feel right now?

– Little tired.

  • Can you remember the first time you felt angry?

– I’m sure I was a baby. No, I cannot.

  • Can you remember the first time laughed?

– Again, babies do this. No.

  • Who is your favorite comedy movies actor?

– Will Ferrell

  • Who is your favorite stand-up Comedian and why?

– George Carlin. Smart, hilarious, and unhindered by social norm.

  • Which Home Alone movie is your favorite?

– The correct answer is the first one.

  • What was the reason you cried the last time?


  • Do you know where your career will be in 10 years?

– No, I’m here for the experience.

  • Do you love your work and is this your dream work?

– I really do and yes it is.

  • What is your favorite moment from childhood?

– Being in my grandma’s yard. Road Trip to Pittsburgh.

  • Do you have pets, Cat or dog?

– 1 Cat, 2 dogs, 2 sugar gliders, and the aforementioned children 😋

  • Do you love fishing, if yes then why?

– Yes, because I said so.

  • What Is your favorite Burger and why?

– McDonald’s cheeseburger, onions only, and ranch. (Hush)

  • Which one you prefer, Coke or Pepsi?

– Regular Coke, Diet Pepsi

  • Which ocean is your favorite and why?

– I could choose the Atlantic because it’s the only one I’ve visited, but that’s unfair given the existence of alternative oceans not being considered based only on my lack of exposure.

  • Which one is your favorite, Barack Obama or George Bush?

– With zero political influence, Bush is adorable and I love listening to Obama speak.

  • Which candidate was your favorite during the latest US Presidential elections?

– The one that wasn’t a misogynist.


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