Get to know me tag! I have done some get to know me type questionnaires in the past, but this time I turned on the camera and made it for YouTube. The Get To Know Me Tag is a great way to find out more about content creators you follow. BTW, Subscribe to Happy Kotter […]

Happy Kotter is hosting a gift card giveaway on Facebook for passing 250 page likes! 3 winners will be chosen to receive a $10 Starbucks Gift Card <3 In order to enter and review activities and rules for entry, go there and check it out! Giveaway ends Wednesday, March 10, 2020 @ 5PM CST […]

The Pink Tax, a little humor, and tips on saving your money! Inspiration hit me to highlight how to save on period hygiene products after hearing about opposition to a bill in Tennessee that would include things like pads and tampons in tax free holiday sales. You can read more about that, if you like. […]