The Pink Tax, a little humor, and tips on saving your money!

Inspiration hit me to highlight how to save on period hygiene products after hearing about opposition to a bill in Tennessee that would include things like pads and tampons in tax free holiday sales.

You can read more about that, if you like.

It is possible to save money while things like the “pink tax” exist.

This week’s CVS trip:

Purchased 6 items (2 cvs brand tampons (18 ct), 2 U by Kotex pads (84 total), and 2 Yes TO Facial Care Products. I paid less than $1.50 (TAX ONLY) by the time I left the store by pairing sales, coupons, and Extrabucks Rewards.


Keep in mind, to save money, make a plan! Aiming to save a few dollars for convenience will end up costing you more $$ in the long run. ONLY purchase items that you are going to use. Spending money just because something is on sale will end with you storing a pile of items that will never be used.

Check out the newest Youtube vids for a dose of humor and an overview of the CVS period haul.


Do you Amazon Prime? You can get your favorite items sent straight to your home and save BIG on shipping costs. Most items arrive in 2 days (at least for me they do) Use my link below to try Amazon Prime for FREE for 30 days. This is another great way to save!

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I hope you find something useful here. Take what you need, leave what you can <3


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Dollar General 11/16/2019

I love saving money!

Dollar General (DG) is a great place to stock up and save, especially on Saturdays. More often than not, DG offers a Saturday only $5 off a $25 purchase of unrestricted items. The coupons can be found printed at the bottom of paper DG receipts or with digital coupons on the DG app and website.

If you don’t have it yet, visit and sign up for savings. Redeeming digital coupons is easy. While you are checking out, enter your phone number through the card reader and all applicable digital coupons are applied at the end of your transaction. Simple Savings.

Make it handy. There is also a Dollar General App (available through Android and iOS) that gives you access to weekly adds, digital coupons, the DG cart, store locations, and more.

Ibotta offers savings above and beyond your digital and print coupons! Use this link to sign up and save us both $$

Before you shop:

  1. Check the ad
  2. Check the digital offers
  3. Make a plan…..

Think about whether you are shopping to stock up or to save money on some short-term essentials. You can pair digital offers and sales with paper coupons as long as the digital and the manufacturer coupon are not for the same item (you cannot double dip) but you can stack a deal (we can cover this another time).

1. Check the ad. You can find your LOCAL ad a few different ways:

  • Go to the store. The print ads are generally at the front of the store and several copies along with special ads will be available.
  • Check your Sunday paper. If you’re looking here for coupons, don’t overlook those print ads!
  • Online. Go to and find the link to the online ad.
  • Check the app. (see below)

2. Check your digital and print offers.

  • Digital coupons can be applied to your purchase by simply entering a phone number at checkout.
  • You can sign up to view offers at or Download the app. (See the iOS version below)
  • Identify the high value deals that can be combined (this is good practice for “stock up trips” otherwise scan deals for the ones that are best for your needs)
  • For this trip:
  • $5 off $25 (pre tax)/ $2 off $7 Suave purchase – Both DG store deals
  • $3 off 2 Suave Professionals Products/ $1 off 1 Suave Men’s product
    • TIPS: Check the product specifications so you pick the right products. DG Store Deals are not the same as Manufacturer Coupons and can be “stacked” to maximize your savings. Time matters. Most often, you can get the biggest BANG for your buck on Saturdays as opposed to other days of the week.

3. Make a plan: I prefer to write things out on paper so that I can scratch and edit as needed. I have also made spreadsheets, but for a DG trip, writing works nicely.

If all goes as planned, I will leave the store with 17 products at a cost of about $10. The retail value (without coupons/discounts) should be about $25.65. Going in with a plan gives you some mental parameters to stick to while shopping and matching that plan with the reality is motivation to forego impulse buys and saves you money.

Did it work?

The Total for all products before savings were applied:

$10.99 (subtotal) + $15.90 (Total savings) = $26.89

Anticipated about $25.65. There are some differences between online prices and in-store. $1.24 is not a huge concern. We’re still saving! I also made a “round up” donation to St Jude- item #18

The $11 in digital coupons applied to the bill + an additional $4.90 in sales/multi item discounts. (WIN)

$15.90 (total savings) / $26.89 (total retail) = 59.1% savings overall

$10.99 (subtotal)/ 17 (number of items)= 64.9 or $0.65 per item!

There are MORE ways to save on this trip, BUT I want to note:

It is not important that you can take this list and replicate my trip by picking up the same items, but that you learn how to create a plan to shop and make savings meaningful for YOU and your home πŸ™‚

Ibotta! If you do not know Ibotta, let me introduce you……

See the pretty pink IB square in the lower left there? Get this! Ibotta offers real (CASH) rebates on items that you buy! There is always a variety to choose from and you are not forced to compromise quality for savings. This is separate from the manufacturer and store coupons and discounts that you are already using. Best of all? It is FREE to use! You pay nothing extra for the service. Get your money πŸ™‚

Want to make both of us happy? Use my referral code and make $$ for both of us! (This is a phone app, Ibotta does not work for computer (online) shopping.

Eve’s Referral code: cgjdvap

Sign up- check your stores (that you’re already shopping at)- and add the offers that you want to claim.

When you’re done shopping:

  • Make sure you get that RECEIPT! This is your money.
  • Open the Ibotta App, choose your store, and hit “upload receipt”
  • take a few quick pics, confirm your offers, and get your $$!

Today’s rebates: $1 on the purchase of 2 Smartfood products

  • $2.95 each at DG. If you buy 2- it’s $5 total (store discount)
  • Ibotta $1 on 2 Smartfood Popcorn
  • Ibotta Popcorn (any brand) $0.25.
  • Without discounts:
    • $2.95 x 2= $5.90 (the store discounts $0.90 on 2)
    • $5 – $1.25 Ibotta Rebates = $3.75 or $1.88 each
    • $2.95- $1.88 = $1.07 saved per bag OR
    • $1.07/$2.95= 36.3% savings from retail. (You’re saving over a third of the retail price JUST using the store deal and Ibotta)

I also saved an offer for tic tacs (buy 2, 1 oz packs) and I DID NOT check the item. The tic tacs I bought were 0.63 oz and didn’t match *sad face* $0.50 rebate loss

Ibotta $$ can be redeemed once you accumulate $20 in rebates/savings/bonuses.

You can withdraw to PayPal and gift cards a plenty πŸ™‚

I have withdrawn savings to cover gas costs for family vacation and most recently for an early family Christmas gift <3 (I will share more about that later!) Again, Ibotta is FREE for you to use!

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Eve is a mom, student, daughter, sister, blogger, doer, thinker, and more. Any and all blog content should be viewed as opinion and any sources should be verified prior to using any of these words in that particular order to form your own (opinions). For more, visit: Happy Kotter: Disclaimer. Have a great day!Image